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Kennesaw & Cobb Landscape Installation & Maintenance

Image Landscape Services has been providing top quality lawn care and landscaping in Kennesaw for over 25 years.

Lawn Maintenance & Feature Installation

If you want your yard to look its best, you need to do some maintenance. This includes things like mowing the lawn, picking up leaves in the fall and spring, and keeping the grass healthy. You may also need to do some grading or re-sloping to make sure water drains properly, and installing pavers can make your patio or walkway look great. We can help you with all these needs!


Professional Results

25+ years experience, hundreds of completed work examples

We offer a variety of services, including landscape and hardscape design, brick and stone work, drainage systems, lawn care and maintenance, and more. We offer many completed landscape service images to look through here.

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Gravel & Substrates

We offer many options for walkwys and other ground features

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Pavers & Stone

We have installed hundreds of decks, using multiple material types

Decks & Stairs

We do new deck design and installation as well as tear out and repair.

What we do

Landscape Services We Offer

Just a few of the services we have been offering to Cobb County residents for over 25 years.

Long Leaf Pine Straw Bale

Provides a great weed barrier and moisture retention solution for growing plants in ground

Red Mulch

Brown Mulch

Black Mulch

St. Augustine Sod

  • Year-round color in frost free climates
  • Broad blade dense turf
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Vigorous growth habit

Bermuda Sod

  • Fine blade dense turf
  • Absorbs impact, tolerates wear and resists weeds
  • Thrives in hot weather
  • Great for high traffic areas

Zoysia Sod

  • Fine and/or thick blade dense turf
  • Absorbs impact, tolerates wear and resists weeds
  • Thrives in hot weather

Brick, Stone or Block

Patios, Walks and Steps

Landscape & Hardscape

Pond/Water Features

Timber & Cross Ties

Drainage Systems

Lawn Maintenance

Ruff or Finish Grading